16 September 2008

Simple About Ramadan....

Ramadan, ninth month of the Islamic year, holy month of the fast (saum)—one of the five pillars of Islam, ordained by the Koran for all adult Muslims. According to the Koran, the fast of Ramadan has been instituted so that believers “may cultivate piety”; this particular month was designated because it was the month during which Muhammad received the first of the Koran's revelations.

The fast during Ramadan begins each day at dawn and ends immediately at sunset. During the fast Muslims are forbidden to eat, drink or smoke. Before retirement each night, special congregational prayers are offered in which long passages of the Koran are recited. The night between the 26th and 27th days of Ramadan, on which the first revelation occurred, is called the Night of Determination (Lailatul Qadr), during which, according to the Koran, God determines the course of the world for the following year. The day after the end of Ramadan is called the Fast-Breaking and is celebrated with special prayers and festivities.

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